Vesuvius and National Park

The volcano takes its name from the Latin word Vesuvius. It is an explosive volcano in a quiescent state since 1944 and it is located in the eastern side of the province of Naples, in the territory of the national park established in 1995. It is one of the most studied dangerous volcanoes in the world and in 1997 it was put by Unesco among world biosphere reserves. It is a particularly interesting volcano and it is located slightly inside the coast of the Gulf of Naples; it has a height of 1281 meters and lies within a 4 km diameter caldera. Vesuvius is a glance of unusual beauty in the gulf and holds a world record, namely that of being the first volcano to be systematically studied. On June 5th, 1995 the Vesuvius National Park  was born thanks to its great geological, biological and historical meaning and to defend it as the most famous volcano in the world.