It is a small village located in Campania region, 30 km from Salerno. Paestum is an Ancient Greek city. First it was called Poseidonia in honour of Poseidon by its founders, and then Pesto until 1926, when it was renamed in the current version. The extent of its village is still preserved today, enclosed by its Greek walls. It is located in the plain of the river Sele, near the coast, in the Gulf of Salerno, in the region Cilento. It is surrounded by a wall almost totally conserved, with a polygonal perimeter that extends for about 5 Km, following the trend of travertine bench on which stands the city. It consists of a double curtain wall of big blocks and in the center it is filled with earth. There are 28 square and circular towers, nearly all of which are destroyed or reduced to ruins. In the cardinal points there are the four main gateways: Porta Sirena, Porta Giustizia, Porta Marina and Porta Aurea. The town has got a small rail yard called precisely Paestum. Near Paestum there are two smaller towns Paestum, Lido scalo and Lido di Paestum. Paestum’s great historical site attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. In 2013 the excavations and the museum of Paestum were the twenty most visited Italian sites and are part of the UNESCO heritage.