Caserta has about 75,000 inhabitants and it is in southern Italy, about 36 Km from Naples, in Campania.

In the Middle Ages the city center was the actual Casertavecchia, located 401 meters high from which you have a breathtaking view of the whole city below. A walk in Casertavecchia is like a dive into history. The Duomo, the adjacent Church of the Annunciation and the Medieval Castle with its Tower are of great interest.
Casertavecchia lost more and more of importance with the construction of the famous Reggia di Caserta, as most of the commercial activities and finally the bishopric moved to the new city.
The Royal Palace, former royal residence in the city, was the largest palace built in Europe in the eighteenth century. It is surrounded by a large park in which there are two areas: the Italian garden and the English garden. The complex of the royal palace, with its gardens is  about 2.5 km long and it has recently won the award for most beautiful Italian park.
Caserta, in addition to its extraordinary Palace and the old town, has a great historical - cultural heritage with the Belvedere of San Leucio. Everything is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.